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Sleep Dentistry / IV Sedation

Wake Up to a Great Smile!

Sleep Dentistry/IV Sedation is a great solution for those who have a dental phobia or suffer from extreme dental anxiety. Sleep dentistry (IV/Conscious Sedation) allows you to simply take a nap, our expert dentists perform your treatment and once complete you wake up with little to no memory of the entire process.

Sleep Dentistry in Oklahoma City | Masterpiece Smiles
You Go To Sleep. Sleep Dentistry in Oklahoma City.

You Go To Sleep

Comfortable and anxiety free! IV/Conscious sedation, a profound and controlled option! Choose Masterpiece Smiles, the first in OKC to offer sleep dentistry.
We Do The Work While You Sleep

We Do The Work

Simply take a nap! While you sleep comfortably our expert dentists perform your treatment! Perfect for those with dental phobia or extreme anxiety!
You Wake Up with a Bright Smile

You Wake Up

Once your treatment is complete, you wake with little to no memory of the entire procedure. Call today and find out if sleep dentistry is right for you!

Why Sleep Dentistry

IV or conscious sedation could be the right choice if you:

  • Experience Extreme Dental Anxiety
  • Dislike the Drill, Smell of the Office, or the Sight of a Needle
  • Have Strong Gag Reflex
  • Experience Difficulty w/ Local Anesthetics
  • Suffer from Compromised Medical Condition
  • Need Extensive Dental Work
  • Want Pain and Anxiety Free Dentistry
Simple & Painless IV Sedation | Masterpiece Smiles

Dr. Baumann became the first dentist in Oklahoma City to provide Sleep Dentistry through IV/Conscious Sedation. Our doctors are experts and have been comforting our patients for more than 30 years.

If you experience any of the above, let Masterpiece Smiles help you. Many people feel afraid or uncomfortable in the dental chair and may experience dental anxiety. IV/Conscious sedation places patients into a deep sleep. Unlike oral sedation, IV sedation is more profound and controlled during the procedure to achieve more predictable results.

Sedation Options

IV Anesthesia: done in the office with a licensed and fully trained dentist. The patient can be put to sleep with a combination of drugs in an IV solution.

Nitrous Oxide: a gas given in office to help patients take the edge off any anxiety. It works well for adults who experience slight anxiety and for a child’s first visit to the dental office.

Oral Sedation: medicine taken before coming to our office. Patients are sedated to a semiconscious state which allows the patient to be completely relaxed and relieved of stress and tension.

General Anesthesia: given in the office with an anesthesiologist present.

Experience less stress, save money and save time during your next dental appointment.

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