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Cosmetic Veneers

Empower Your Smile!

Choose cosmetic veneers and enjoy amazing lifetime results. Porcelain veneers are the perfect and simply choice for immediate results. Veneers help strengthen and stabilize your teeth while covering up any flaws delivering a great aesthetic appearance.

Cosmetic Veneers Custom Made in Oklahoma City

Custom Made

Color-matched to your natural teeth! Custom sculpted to ensure a consistent look and feel! Maintain a beautiful smile!

Simple Application of Custom Veneers

Simple Application

Quick and easy! Minimal removal of your natural teeth! Wafer-thin porcelain covers! Stain resistant with spectacular strength and stability!

Cosmetic Veneers Offers Lifetime Results

Lifetime Results

Bite, brush, chew and floss normally! Made to last! Stop those who know you in their tracks! Cover flaws and regain a brilliant functional smile!

Custom for You

Masterpiece Smiles uses thin, custom-made porcelain shells to cover the front of your teeth. Porcelain, a nonporous material ensures our veneers are stain resistant and reflect as brightly as your other teeth. Our veneers are custom-made to match the color of your natural teeth and provide the structural support you need to maintain a brilliant appearance and functionality.

What to Expect

The veneer application procedure is fairly simple. Our doctors begin by removing a very small layer from the surface of the tooth.

Dr. Bryce Baumann is a Cosmetic Veneer Expert

This allows us to bond the veneer in place and ensure there is no change in the feel of your teeth. Veneers also minimize the removal portion of the normal tooth. We would need to remove more in a dental crown procedure. Once the workable surface is ready, we bond the wafer-thin veneer to your normal tooth. Veneers allow you to bite, brush, chew and floss just as you do with your other teeth. Our porcelain veneers are made to last. In some cases, patients have the same veneers for up to 20 years.

Cosmetic veneers are one of the most popular and beautiful ways to improve your smile. Veneers create an entirely new face for your teeth with the added benefit of increased strength. Stop folks who have known you for years in their tracks. They may not know what’s different, but they will know you look fantastic. You choose whether to tell them the secret.

Why Choose a Veneer

Many choose a porcelain veneer to address the following common issues:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Broken Teeth
  • Gaps
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven or Misaligned Teeth
Cosmetic Veneers Before and After Photos

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Expert training equals quality and gentle dental care. At Masterpiece Smiles our professional team includes Dr. Robert Baumann, Dr. Ashley Lanman, Dr. Kristie B. Haller, Dr. Bryce Baumann, Dr. Darrell Guttery and Dr. Carmen Martinez. Experience the newest dental techniques and cutting edge dental care in our modern northwest Oklahoma City facility.