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Post-Op Care

DOs and Don’ts

A surgical operation in your mouth must be cared for like an operation on any other part of your body. To keep infection, swelling and pain to a minimum, follow these instructions:

Take pain medication as soon as possible, before the anesthesia begins to wear off. Take with milk or other food if possible to prevent stomach upset. Eat soft foods today. Good nutrition is important for proper healing.

Proper Post Op Dentistry Care | Masterpiece Smiles
DO NOT SPIT, SUCK THROUGH A STRAW OR RINSE VIGOROUSLY TODAY. Doing any of these may dislodge the blood clot and cause a dry socket.

The day after surgery you can rinse gently with warm salt water (1tsp salt to 8oz warm water)

NO SMOKING for at least 24 hours after surgery. Smoking is a leading cause of dry socket after dental surgery.

NO ALCOHOL for 24 hours after surgery or at any time while taking prescribed pain medicine.

Bite on wet gauze for 15-20 minutes. Change the gauze as needed. If bleeding continues for 2-3 hours, soak a tea bag in warm water, place it directly over the extraction site, and bite down. If bleeding still continues, contact our office immediately.

Do not drive, operate machinery, or do anything requiring judgment or coordination while taking prescription medication.

Take all of the antibiotic prescription as directed. If you develop an allergic reaction such as rash or difficulty breathing, stop taking the medicine and call our office. An upset stomach, nausea or vomiting are NOT allergic reactions!

Do not be alarmed if you have an occasional small bony fragment work up through your gum tissue during healing. This is not unusual; however, if it becomes irritating or painful, contact our office immediately.

Swelling is common after more extensive surgery, such as multiple extractions or impacted wisdom teeth. To reduce the swelling: place an ICE PACK over the area for 20 minutes on and 10 minutes off for the first 12 hours following surgery.

IMMEDIATE DENTURE PATIENTS ONLY: Leave your denture or partial denture in your mouth for at least 24 hours.

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