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Lifelike Dental Crowns

Regain Your Beautiful Smile

Make the premier choice in crown design and placement – Masterpiece Smiles. Restore your teeth to normal functionality with Lifelike Dental Crowns. We use porcelain crowns to cap your normal teeth returning them to their normal size and shape. If you have lost a significant portion of a tooth through trauma or decay, a porcelain crown is great solution.

Masterpiece Smiles Creates Lifelike Dental Crowns in Oklahoma City
Masterpiece Smiles' Lifelike Crowns are Made with Superior Material

Superior Material

Masterpiece Smiles uses only the best material – porcelain! Strength, durability and appearance guarantee a lifelike restoration!

Custom Designed Lifelike Crowns

Custom Design

Custom-fit to your mouth! Color matched to perfection! Returns your normal tooth to normal size and shape!

Fast and Brilliant Lifelike Crowns

Fast, Brilliant Results

Complete in just 2 visits! Trauma, decay or cosmetic, regain your brilliant smile with Lifelike Crowns!

When to Choose a Crown

Dental crowns provide solutions for the following:

  • Restore Damaged Teeth
  • Strengthen or Reinforce a Weak Tooth
  • Replace an Extremely Discolored Tooth
  • Support for a Tooth with a Large Filling
  • Support for a Bridge
  • Simple Cosmetic Changes
  • Cover for a Dental Implant
Masterpiece Smiles Creates Lifelike Dental Crowns in Northwest Oklahoma City

Custom Crowns for You

There are several types of crowns available. However, Masterpiece Smiles uses only the best material ensuring the strength and durability and making sure your crown matches the appearance of your other teeth.

What to Expect

Lifelike Dental Crowns require a couple of visits. At your first visit our doctors will examine the tooth and, if possible, shape the tooth to ready it for acceptance of the crown. This can sometimes require filling a major cavity or filing the tooth down to the proper shape. Our team will make impressions of the subject tooth and the surrounding teeth. This information is sent to a lab to create your custom-fit dental crown. Typically, we make a temporary cap or crown to protect the tooth until your crown is ready. This will satisfy any aesthetic concerns.

During the second visit, we remove the temporary cap and bond your custom-fit Lifelike Dental Crown in place and provide instructions on how to care for and maintain your new crown.

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Meet Our Team!

Expert training equals quality and gentle dental care. At Masterpiece Smiles our professional team includes Dr. Robert Baumann, Dr. Ashley Lanman, Dr. Kristie B. Haller, Dr. Bryce Baumann, Dr. Darrell Guttery and Dr. Carmen Martinez. Experience the newest dental techniques and cutting edge dental care in our modern northwest Oklahoma City facility.