Top 10 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

You brush and floss your teeth regularly. You see your dentist regularly and do whatever he or she says. While you invest in toothbrushes, dental floss and mouthwashes, you can unknowingly be causing damage to your teeth by the food that you eat. The usual suspects such as citrus, coffee, tea, soda and sugar are included on the list of banned foods to avoid. Besides these usual suspects, there are other foods and drinks that you should also avoid, or at least, greatly limit the intake of. Below are some additional foods that are big “no-no’s” for dental health.

Hard candy

It has been known for years that chewy, sticky candies such as taffy and gum are magnets for cavities. These candies quickly adhere to the surface of teeth and leave behind particles in between teeth. You would think that hard candy is better as they don’t stick to teeth and there aren’t as many pieces that can get stuck in and between teeth.

But not so fast. Hard candies pose their own threat to the health of your teeth.  The sugar in hard candies dissolves slowly and exposes the mouth to dangerous sugar for several minutes. This gives bacteria more time to create acid that can destroy tooth enamel.  They expose to your teeth to sugar for longer periods of time. Sucking on a sucker is just as bad, if not potentially worse than soft candies.

Besides the prolonged exposure to sugar, hard candies can also destroy your teeth by posing the threat to causing cracks and fractures.


Pickles make for an occasional snack. The salty tartness can be refreshing. These tastes are accomplished with the vinegar used in the pickling process. The vinegar, however, used to make pickles dissolves tooth enamel. A study was conducted in England which showed that eating pickles twice a day increased the odds of tooth wear by 85%.

Sports drinks

After a long, hard workout, a sports drink is a refreshing and vital recovery drink your body craves and needs. Drinking sports drinks while not heavily exercising can be dangerous for your teeth. Sports drinks are full of harmful acids that can destroy teeth enamel. Those energy drinks you rely on to get you through the day won’t help your teeth either. In fact, these drinks also contain dangerously high levels of enamel destroying acids.


Red wine contains two harmful ingredients that damage teeth: chromogens and tannins. Chromogens produce pigments that discolor teeth and tannins dry out the mouth and make the teeth extra sticky and prone to attract plaque. Despite its lack of color, white wine is just as harmful to your teeth as red wine is. White wine also contains enamel erasing acid that can make your teeth more susceptible to the stains from other foods and drinks.

Refined Carbs

Another reason to avoid white bread and saltine crackers is their harmful effects on your teeth. Refined carbs quickly turn into sugar which makes for a yummy meal for the cavity causing plaque, germs and bacteria. Crackers and bread can also turn mushy when being in your mouth chick can cause particles to get lodged on and between teeth.


Nibbling on some ice after finishing a cold, refreshing drink seems innocent enough. After all, ice is just frozen water. No sugars or cards or destructive pigmentation. While ice doesn’t eat away at the enamel, it can cause cracks and fractures of the teeth, loosen fillings and crowns and can damage orthodontic treatments.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a nutritious, convenient snack. They are also packed with unhealthy doses of sugar. They are also soft that enables sugary pieces to get stuck on the surface of teeth and in between teeth.

Potato Chips

Once in a while, it is nice to have a small bag of your favorite flavored potato chips. These yummy snacks contain refined carbs and other artificial ingredients that can compromise the strength and look of your teeth. The satisfying crunch is also a risk to your teeth as it can loosen brackets on braces, chip fillings and loosen crowns. Particles can also get lodged in between teeth which can become a breeding ground for plaque.

Chips aren’t the only hard snacks that you should avoid. Toast and popcorn are two other food favorites that can have the same devastating effects on your teeth.


Alcohol doesn’t have nutritional content, but it can be a relaxing reprieve at the end of a long work day. Cocktails, especially, are bad for your teeth. Not only is there alcohol which can damage tooth enamel, but they also contain high amounts of sugar which only adds to the enamel destruction.

Alcohol also dries out the mouth, which hinders you mouth’s natural cleaning mechanism from rinsing the plaque out from inside the mouth.

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Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce has the enamel eroding acidity and the pasty texture to make it get easily stuck to the surface of teeth as well as lodge debris in between teeth.


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