Dr. Robert Baumann

dr-r-bDr. Robert Baumann is one of the valued team members at Masterpiece Smiles in Oklahoma. Dr. Baumann has 30 years of history practicing dentistry in Oklahoma and he has a number of specialties that has garnered him a great reputation in Oklahoma City. Dr.Baumann graduated from Purdue University in 1973 with his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. In 1976, he achieved becoming a DDS at St. Louis’s Washington University and throughout his career has focused on continuous improvement. Dr. Baumann is an Oklahoma City Dentist with over 30 years of experience and vast knowledge in numerous areas, such as sedation dentistry, dental surgery, root canals, dental implants, and more. Whether you need dental implants or want to find an Oklahoma City sedation dentistry specialist, Dr. Baumann can help. Talk to our office to make an appointment with Dr. Baumann

Focused on Continuous Dental Education

Dr. Baumann and the rest of the team here at Masterpiece Smiles continually further their knowledge in the dental area with constant training and education seminars.

Dr. Bauman is a respected and accredited dentist who is affiliated with a number of well-reputed dental associations and is currently the chairman of the dental department at St. Anthony’s plus a member of a number of organizations, including the OK Board of Dental Governors Anesthesia Sub-Committee.

Dr. Baumann and his wife Barbara have been married for 30 years and their son Bryce, also a dentist, is a part of our team as well. Dr. Baumann is an avid golfer, reader, cycling enthusiast, and lover of the slopes and country music. He and Barbara enjoy spending time with their beloved dogs, a Jack Russell terrier named Bailey and a Golden Retriever named Lucy.


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