How Our Oklahoma City Dental Office Offers all the Services Your Family Needs

A mouth full of healthy, straight, pearly white teeth is something we all aspire to have.  At our Oklahoma City dentist office, Masterpiece Smiles, we have over 30 years of cosmetic and restorative dentistry that can make that perfect smile a reality.

Masterpiece Smiles utilizes the latest in dental technology and offers patients a selection of sedation dental services to help them relax and have a more pleasant dental experience.

We Make Patients Look Healthier and Younger With a Bright Smile

Masterpiece Smiles offers patients a variety of cosmetic dental procedures including teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, veneers, implants, life-like crowns, implants, dentures and dental bonding. The patients of our Oklahoma City dentist office can achieve having the bright, perfect smile they’ve always wanted at a price that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Masterpiece Smiles is different than other Oklahoma City dentists in that we help complete our patients’ beauty transformation by offering Botox and NeriumAD Skin Treatment. These products enhance and tighten the skin of the face and lips, yielding a youthful, healthy appearance. These services greatly complement our cosmetic dental services.

Our dentists are specially trained in Dentox, which include select dentists who use Botox in dentistry to help improve facial aesthetics, treat TMJ, migraines and deflated nasalblasial folds.

Dermal fillers and Botox treatments work great with our cosmetic dental services in giving our patients to look like their youthful, beautiful younger selves.

We Can Help Patients With Their Jaw Pain

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is a temporary dental condition where the joints of a patient’s jaw cracks and produces sometimes debilitating pain. Common and important tasks such as chewing and speaking can become difficult.

Our dentists can treat TMJ through such treatment options as exercises, medication and customized night mouth guards. If a patient’s temporomandibular joint disorder is severe and long-lasting, surgery may be needed.

We Provide Patients With the Latest in Dental Technology

At Masterpiece Smiles, we know our patients are investing a great deal into the improvement and restoration of their smiles. Our Oklahoma City dentist office utilizes the latest dental technology to meet patients’ dental needs and surpass their expectations.

Some of the dental technology patients will find at Masterpiece Smiles include: digital dental x-rays and ZOOM teeth bleaching system.

We provide Oral Surgery and Sedation Dentistry to Patients

In extreme cases, oral surgery is necessary to effectively treat a patient’s dental condition. Our Oklahoma City dentists are some of the few dentists certified to perform oral surgery.

At Masterpiece Smiles, we know that the dental office is a place many fear. We offer patients a variety of sedation dental services to help calm and relax them. Our dentist office in Oklahoma City has sedation ranging from medication and laughing gas to general anesthesia. The right form of sedation depends on the level of the patient’s anxiety and the invasiveness of the patient’s dental procedure.

Masterpiece Smiles also provides routine teeth cleaning, composite and silver fillings, and root canal therapy to patients. Whether you want to dramatically improve or enhance your smile or regain lost or damaged teeth, call us today to set up an appointment.


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