10 of our Favorite Celebrity Before and After Cosmetic Dentistry Photos!

To make it in show business or any profession where you’re constantly in front of the camera, it is important to have a memorable, and good-looking smile. As natural as some stars may look, chances are they have had some work done. Most celebrities started off looking like average people. The media and cultural expectations of beauty have defined how the rich and famous should look. The majority of stars have had some work done to their face and mouth, though some deny it.  Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars started off with a less than glamorous smile. With a lot of money and time, celebrities have overwhelmingly opted for cosmetic surgery.  Many stars experienced an upswing in their careers after their dental transformations. Here are ten before and after pictures of some of the many celebrities who have had cosmetic dental work done. The most common dental procedures include implants, teeth whitening, the removal of teeth, porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth straightened, fixed bridges and gum re-contouring.

Wtfceleb.comMiley Cyrus

Former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus had her front teeth covered with porcelain veneers and had her small incisors corrected.


Zac-EffronAnother former Disney Channel personality, Zach Efron had his teeth whitened, straightened and evened. He also had the front gap filled in.

Cheryl LlyodThe British X Factor Cher Lloyd had the gap in her front filled and her teeth whitened.

Antes Y Despues Jennifer Garner had her teeth whitened and her gums reshaped. She also had fillers in her lips. Catherine Zeta Jones had her teeth whitened and straightened.

keith-urbanMusician Keith Urban had his teeth whitened and straightened. He also had the gap between his front teeth filled. 50 Cent had the separation between his two front teeth (caused by a condition called diastema) fixed.

Hilary-Duff-teeth-before-after-cosmetic-dentistryFormer child star, now musician Hilary Duff had cosmetic dental work done in 2009 after accidently chipping a tooth while in concert. Instead of repairing the one tooth, she decided to get a full set of veneers.

Tom-Cruise-teeth-before-after-cosmetic-dentistry-300x180Actor Tom Cruise had his teeth straightened and whitened. He has also has gotten a full set of porcelain veneers.

Kate-Beckinsale-teeth-before-after-cosmetic-dentistry-300x225Former British actress Kate Beckinsale had laser gum-reshaping and got porcelain veneers. She also had her teeth whitening.


What do you think of these transformations? Cosmetic dental procedures can really make a difference. Not only does dental work make you look good, but it will also boost your confidence. These procedures, however, are not just for celebrities. Contact us to set up an appointment so we can discuss how you too can have a Hollywood smile.


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