Why Teeth Whitening In the Office Is So Effective

Teeth whitening procedures done in the office are extremely effective. We use ZOOM! Whitening because it has been repeatedly tested and shown to be completely safe and able to provide results that are up to eight shades brighter. This has made it one of the most common and most requested cosmetic dental procedures.

A great smile can build self-confidence, improve your mood, and make you look younger. There are a lot of benefits to getting the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted. Many people try a range of at-home products and had varying degrees of success, but there are several reasons why they’ll never be as good as a professional, in-office treatment.

Comparing At-Home and In-Office Products

While many of the products you can buy over the counter are effective, they usually work best with stains that are just on the surface of the teeth. There’s a simple reason for this: if these products used bleaching or cleaning agents that were any more powerful, they could potentially damage your teeth or soft tissues if they’re incorrectly applied.

In-office treatments usually take less than an hour to complete, and the results are far more predictable than home products can provide. Some of the other differences between home and office treatments include:

  • Stronger whitening agents – We know how to carefully apply the whitening treatment, which means that we can safely use more powerful agents that have a more noticeable effect.
  • Safe applications – Because we can control exactly where the treatment is applied, we can ensure that it won’t irritate your gums or soft tissues in the mouth.
  • Lasting results – A single treatment can last up to a year or more if you carefully maintain it.
  • Immediate results – As we mentioned earlier, this one-hour investment of time can result in teeth that are eight shades brighter.

How It Works

There’s a difference between bleaching and abrasion whitening. Where bleaching physically changes the color of your teeth, abrasion whitening uses physical or chemical actions that remove surface stains.

The active ingredient in most bleaching solutions is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in different concentrations. It can range anywhere from 10% to 22%, which can get deeper down into the tooth and remove stains on the top and beneath the surface.

In-office solutions are different from at-home products because they use a light-activated procedure. We can apply the whitening agent and immediately activate it with the light, which leads to the results you expect. However, there are other options, like custom mouthpieces and gel solutions that can produce quality results, too.

Keeping Your Smile Longer

These teeth whitening solutions are made to last for around a year, but the exact length of time will depend on how your treat your smile during that time.

One way or another, the foods and drinks that we love tend to discolor our teeth. Some of the worst offenders include red wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and sports drinks. On top of that, simple age contributes to dulling our teeth. If you want to maintain your new smile for as long as possible, consider a few of the following suggestions.

  • Avoid the foods and drinks that stain your teeth the most. If you have to have them, brush or rinse as soon as you can.
  • Use home treatments to supplement the office treatment. They can help remove light, surface stains.
  • Use a straw with those drinks that do a lot of damage to your teeth.
  • Step up your oral hygiene habits.
  • Keep your regular dental appointments. We’ll be able to analyze the progress of any discoloration and know when to recommend any touchups.

Teeth whitening is a well-established, well-tested procedure that delivers great results. Don’t wait to get the smile you’ve always wanted.


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