Oklahoma City Sleep (IV/Sedation) Dentistry


Now You Can Sleep At The Dentist

Sleep dentistry (IV/Conscious Sedation) is a solution if you dread going to the dentist.

Do you…

  • avoid going to the dentist because of extreme anxiety?
  • dislike the drill’s sound, the smell of the office, or the sight of a needle?
  • have a strong gag reflex?
  • have difficulty with local anesthetics?
  • have a compromised medical condition?
  • need extensive dental work but have no time for multiple dental appointments?
  • wish for pain-free, anxiety-free dentistry?

We can help you!

Many people feel afraid or uncomfortable in vulnerable positions like the dental chair and may experience dental anxiety as a result. IV/Conscious Sedation places patients into a deep sleep. Unlike oral sedation, IV sedation is more profound and controlled during the procedure to achieve more predictable results.

Dr. Baumann was the first dentist in Oklahoma City to provide Sleep Dentistry through IV/Conscious Sedation. After thirty years, the expert doctors at Masterpiece Smiles are still comforting you and your loved ones.

Inquire About Our Other Sedation Options

Oral sedation: medicine taken before coming to our office. Patients remain fully conscious, and the medicine helps them relax by relieving stress and tension.

Nitrous Oxide: a gas given in office to help patients take the edge off any anxiety. It works well for adults who experience slight anxiety and for a child’s first visit to the dental office.

General Anesthesia: given in a hospital setting with an anesthesiologist present. This procedure helps patients who are medically or mentally compromised.

Call today to discuss your needs. We are your gentle dentists.