Safe & Painless New Smiles With Lumineers

Now you can have straight, natural-looking teeth without the discomfort of traditional veneers with a new and advanced procedure called Lumineers.

Lumineers keeps the natural tooth intact. It can correct everything from spaces and gaps to misshaped, chipped, crooked and discolored teeth. It generally takes two office visits and less than two hours of your time to complete.

Dr. Baumann received Lumineers certification in March 2008.

He is pleased to offer this service and said one of his “top priorities has always been patient ease and comfort.”

“Any time I discover new and improved technology for dental services, I research it. I discovered this technique is just as effective as traditional veneers but quicker, not as invasive, and painless,” he said.

Lumineers-Before-NEW Lumineers-After-NEW
Before After
Lumineers-Teeth-Before-NEW Lumineers-Teeth-After-NEW

The technique offers veneers without shots, drilling or discomfort. It covers teeth with a new material called Cerinate porcelain, which is thinner but stronger than traditional porcelain veneers. Since it’s thin, the material closely resembles natural teeth. Existing teeth don’t have to be shaved in preparation for application, which can lead to tooth sensitivity.

“Lumineers is a comfortable dental service. It’s another way for us to give people amazing smiles that boost their self-confidence,” Dr. Baumann said.

Lumineers is a technique that cannot be used on every patient; for that reason, we continue to offer traditional veneers. Drs. Baumann, Lanman and Haller invite you to come in to discuss all of the possibilities to enhance your smile, including the new and exciting technology of Lumineers.

Located just north of 63rd on May in Oklahoma City, Masterpiece Smiles has been providing gentle care to Oklahoma families since 1977. Dr. Robert Baumann, Dr. Ashley Lanman and Dr. Kristie Haller serve patients Monday through Saturday. To see a complete list of services, click here.


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