The Risks You Face When You Avoid the Dentist

Visiting the dentist is one simple way that you can take better control of your health. Brushing your teeth and flossing every day are important to keeping your teeth in good condition, but it isn’t enough. Regular trips to the office are required for optimal health.

Dental Cleanings

When you come into the office for a cleaning, the hygienist does more than just cleans your teeth. The x-rays we take help us know what is going on inside your teeth to get a more complete picture of their condition. After that, plaque is removed with our special tools. While brushing and flossing does help to limit the amount of plaque on the teeth, they can’t remove it all. It’s important to get the build-up off your teeth before it eats away at too much of the tooth enamel and causes cavities.

Another problem that plaque causes when built up for too long is gum disease. Scraping it away helps prevent eventual tooth loss. The best advice given by experts to prevent this from happening is with good oral hygiene and, you got it, regular dental cleanings. An added bonus is that less plaque means stronger teeth. While it is recommended to get your teeth cleaned professionally every six months, don’t go more than one year between visits.

Fixing Small Problems

No one loves getting cavities fixed, but it is necessary. When you come into the office routinely, we can monitor your teeth. Areas of interest are weak or dark spots that could turn into cavities. If one of these areas turns into a small cavity, it is better to get it fixed before it turns into something bigger. Other problems that come up are loose fillings and cracked teeth. You may not always notice these, but if it isn’t fixed quickly, the pain will hit you unexpectedly.

Another benefit of getting problems fixed earlier is that it saves you money in the long run. One small cavity can turn into a large cavity over time that requires a crown because the tooth becomes too brittle to fill. A crown is going to cost a lot more money, even with insurance, than it will to fill a cavity. It is also a longer procedure that takes more time to recover and involves more pain.

Cosmetic Advantages

Many foods cause tooth staining like coffee, cigarettes, and berries. When you come in for regular dental cleanings, your teeth are whiter and brighter. If you have minor things that bother you about your smile aside from the color, we can help you fix it too. When a smile is one of the first impressions you give a person, it helps if you feel confident smiling.

More than the Mouth

The mouth is not a stand-alone area of the body. It is connected to everything you do and your overall well-being is affected when there are problems. If you are dealing with dental pain or have a lot of missing teeth, eating is harder and proper nourishment suffers. When left for too long, cavities can reach jaw bone or mess with your sinuses.

Research studies are also showing that gum disease is linked to heart disease and stroke. Not keeping your mouth clean is also dangerous if you have diabetes because it makes it harder to control your blood sugar. The best ways to combat these health problems, according to the studies, are to brush and floss regularly and get regular dental cleanings to scrape off plaque.

We work hard to make sure that we aren’t just the best dentist in Oklahoma City, but that every visit is a positive experience. No matter what your dental experience has been in the past, we can help.


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